Privacy Policy

JC Logic (hereiafter “JC Logic”, “we”, “us” and “our”) wish to inform you of the use we make of the information we collect when browsing on our Website (or on our social media platforms) (hereafter the “Website”). Therefore, the present Privacy Policy (hereafter the “Policy”) defines the way we collect, use, divulge and treat the information you communicate us when using our Website.

JC Logic is conscious of the questions you may have pertaining to the circulation of personal information and information pertaining to your browsing history on the Internet and wish to collaborate with you in order to ensure the respect and the protection of your private life. This is why we wish to explain to you what type of information we collect when visiting our Website, and also when, how and why we collect such information. JC Logic wish to specify that we limit the quantity as well as the nature of the collected information. Please read the following lines attentively and to refer to them regularly to be informed of the updates that may occur from time to time.


1. What does the term “Personal Information” mean and how is this information collected?

“Personal Information” pertains to any information about an identifiable individual such as your name, surname, home address, your email address or your telephone number.

Be assured that no Personal Information is collected on our Website without your consent. In certain particular circumstances, but always honestly and in a lawful manner, meaning when you subscribe to any of our personalisation services (including unique authentication (Single Sign On with our social media partners)), email services, and when you apply for a job, JC Logic requires that you provide your surname, name, home address, email address and other Personal Information on the on-screen form. Therefore, when JC Logic requires such information you are always explicitly notified and informed that you are providing us with information that will be part of a set of operation such as collection, recording, use, retention and destruction of such Personal Information. JC Logic shall provide you with all means necessary to verify that your personal data is exact and updated.

We may also automatically collect some general anonymous information pertaining to the use you make of the Website, such as the date and hour that you visited our Website and the pages of the Website you consulted. Our servers can also collect information on the type of browser you use, the IP address of your computer and the name of your Internet provider. This information is not considered Personal Information but browsing information, and we refer you to our “Browsing Information” section below to fully understand this subject.

2. How is your Personal Information used?

The collection of Personal Information simply allows JC Logic to provide you with a better service for your needs, improve the content, interface and characteristics of the Website in accordance with the collected information and, if you have notified us of your interest, send you information by email, from time to time. Such data is used also for control purposes and aims to improve the Website.

3. Is the Personal Information shared with third-parties?

It is important to specify that we do not transfer, sell or disclose your Personal Information to third-parties in any manner whatsoever, without having received your explicit prior approval. Notwithstanding the foregoing, your Personal Information can be transmitted to (i) companies related to JC Logic, being understood that your explicit consent will be required when you provide these Personal Information for paying services, and (ii) to third-party companies hired by JC Logic to stock or deal with this information on behalf of JC Logic in accordance to contractual agreements guaranteeing the confidentiality and the security of this Personal Information. Take note that JC Logic can use the services of third-party companies located outside of Canada. Even if JC Logic demands to these third-parties to preserve the confidentiality and the security of Personal Information in accordance with the Law, it is possible, in some rare cases, that the laws in effect in certain foreign countries allow that Personal Information be communicated to judicial authorities, quasi-judicial authorities and governmental authorities.

4. Do we receive Personal Information from third-parties?

When you use your unique authentication of one of our social network partners (e.g. LinkedIn and Google), we may receive your email address as well as the information contained in your public profile containing your name, your profile photo, your age range, sex, language, country and other public information. JC Logic will not request that you use this service for authentication purposes. If you wish to control the shared information you may obtain additional information on the following pages:
and Google:

5. How and for how long is your Personal Information kept

The Personal Information collected by JC Logic are saved on servers that are not accessible to the public and which are protected by security measures corresponding to their degree of sensitivity. Therefore, please be assured that the security measures used to protect your Personal Information against its loss, theft, consultation, copy, unauthorized use and modification. To protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information, JC Logic maintains in place measures of administrative protection, of technical and material nature to prevent access, use, modification and disclosure of Personal Information that we have under our control.

We do not keep Personal Information unless it remains necessary or pertinent with regards to the present Policy or in accordance with the law.

6. Is our protection of your Personal Information limited?

Notwithstanding the foregoing and despite our good faith and our implemented measures, no transmission of data on our Website and on the Internet in general is completely guaranteed and secure. Therefore, we cannot affirm, justify or warrant that your Personal Information will be protected against loss, misuse or modification while being transmitted and we cannot be liable of the Personal Information transmitted by you of which third parties may use or misuse, if this Personal Information was intercepted while being transmitted via the Internet or if we are hacked.

In short, the only situations when JC Logic can disclose Personal Information other than those specifically provided by the law are the following: (a) upon request of legal authorities or in good faith considering that this action is requested to comply to any law or regulation in effect, (b) to intervene at trial, for fraud prevention, to protect or defend JC Logic’s rights or assets or JC Logic users, and (c) to intervene, in extreme circumstances, in order to ensure the personal security of JC Logic users or the general public.

7. Can you access your Personal Information and request corrections?

Yes, you can access your Personal Information that concerns you and request corrections by presenting a written request to such effect at However, we will only be able to respond to your request if we have a personalized file on you (which is the case when you have communicated with us or that you consent to communicate such Personal Information).


1. What does “Browsing Information” mean and how is it collected?

“Browsing Information” means the general information concerning your navigation activities or your device. For example, the information pertaining to your IP address, your browsing history (e.g. the time and duration during which you have consulted the pages of this Website), the content of these pages, le number of clicks you have made, the type of device your are using, the site where you are coming from and the site where your are going when leaving ours, and your geographic location (your country or province).

Browsing Information is depersonalized therefore we do not use this information to discover who your identity (by coupling or otherwise). It is only used for the following purpose.

Browsing Information are collected by using cookies, meaning small data files that register on the hard drive of your electronics (such as your computer, tablet or mobile phone) when you browse this site. These cookies are automatically transmitted by the server of this site to the browser of your device (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) and are archived, by default on the hard drive of said device.

2. Who collects Browsing Information?

Browsing Information is or can be collected, in whole or in part, by (i) us, meaning either JC Logic or its related companies and (ii) certain companies with which we collaborate for commercial or non-commercial means (such as companies that may acquire some of our assets, service, solution or technological platform providers linked to this Website) (“Partners”).

In addition to JC Logic, it is possible that Partners collect Browsing Information and be able to establish or analyse your use of our Website in order to improve its quality. In this case, only the aggregated activities or histories are used. The collection of such information includes domain names, IP addresses, the type of browser used and the system you use, the language of your browser, your geographic location, your request, your interests and your preferences. The data that we and our Partner are said “non sensitive” and are in a depersonalized form. Also, our Partners are bound by law to respect generally known principals for personal information protection and to respect their own policies for personal information protection. Please consult the following link of one of our Partners: Google: (

3. Is Browsing Information shared with third-parties?

Without your consent, we will not share your Browsing Information with third-parties other than our Partners and certain subsidiaries of or related companies to JC Logic and such, always in the manner ascribed in question 2 above and in accordance with the same objectives contained in question 4 below. In such cases, we will take all available measures so that our Partners and related companies use the Browsing Information in accordance to our instructions and to the present Policy, the laws and any other appropriate security and confidentiality measure.

4. How is the Browsing Information used?

This information is collected to allow us to generate data statistics concerning visits of this Website, the performance and use of our Website and its content as well as the type of persons interested by our Website.

5. How and for how long is Browsing Information kept?

Browsing Information can be kept on our servers, the servers of our suppliers and, as the case may be, those of our Partners. Browsing Information is kept only during the time required to achieve the purposes described above, after which it is erased.

6. How can you prevent the collection of your Browsing Information?

Save and except an explicit action on your part, if you browse on our Website, this means that you accept that your Browsing Information be collected for the purpose described above. However, you can, at all times, erase, through your browser, the cookies that are on your computer or deactivate completely the feature that keeps or archives cookies on this Website. Certain features also exist and allow you to deactivate certain cookies and keep only the cookies that you wish to keep. If the foregoing interests you, please refer to your browser’s settings.

7. Can you access your Browsing Information and request corrections?

Yes, you can access your Browsing Information that concerns you and request corrections by presenting a written request to such effect at However, we will only be able to respond to your request if we have a personalized file on you (which is the case when you have communicated with us or that you consent to communicate such Personal Information) and if we are able to associate precisely your Browsing Information to you.