Managed IT Services In Montreal By JC Logic

Managed Services

Efficient, Simple, Secure Managed Services

Fully Managed Services

Delegate your IT needs to our Managed Services team to optimize your day-to-day business operations and productivity. We take the pressure of keeping up with your rapidly evolving IT demands, off your shoulders. By trusting JC Logic as your partner, you can expect our dedication, support, and extensive expertise to shine through our services, as we keep you on the forefront of technical innovation.


  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring
  • Managed security (workstations & infrastructure)
  • End-user support (TBD)
  • Network and incident management
  • Complete document and reports
  • Consulting services to better align future needs

In need of IT Management?

We know that managing IT systems can be frustrating and tedious, no matter the size of your business. You can’t live without it, but you sure could live without the accompanying stress and aggravation.

Co-Managed Services

JC Logic offers a more flexible arrangement to support your internal IT team with a cooperative management solution that leverages our tools and technology to support the people you already know and trust. By taking the time to understand your company’s goals, terms, and standards, we ensure our IT services and support are best aligned with corporate vision, and help you get there faster. Creating this cooperative IT alliance will help your company fill in the missing gaps of your existing technical services. Our knowledge and skill sets will allow your company to grow without the expense and unpredictability of having a complete in-house management team.


  • Remote monitoring and management platform
  • Call management (“Ticketing and follow-ups”)
  • End-user support (TBD)
  • Assistance for overflow calls
  • Contractual IT resources
  • Consulting services including knowledge transfer and process reviews

Technology Management

What if there was a more cost-effective way to manage IT? We call it Technology Management; you might call it ON-DEMAND IT SERVICES. Whether for support, servicing, installation, provisioning, system architecture or consulting, our Managed Services team allows you to pay for what you need as you need it. No redundant overhead, no wasted hours, no sick-days.

Banked Hours

Pay upfront for a block of hours at a discount. Rather than limiting yourself to a specific IT mandate, you can obtain our technical and consulting services for any of your IT needs.

À la carte

Monthly billing for services used i.e.:

  • Technician time
  • Technical specialists (Unix, Linux, VMware, SAN, Cisco, etc.)
  • Senior IT architect
  • Security consultant
  • Security architect

Services Contract

Pay a monthly fee that includes a maximum of 5 hours of technical support per month for IT infrastructure, servers, security, backups etc. Hours not cumulative and standard billing rate applies at 6th & subsequent hours.


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