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Founded in 2007, JC Logic is a leading IT company providing innovative tech support for businesses throughout North America. Our certified tech specialists may have mastered the nerdy services that help grow modern businesses, but they still wear their hearts on their sleeves and prioritize the personal care you would expect from a true business partnership.

Our high-energy team of hard-working professionals put in the time to understand your business needs and objectives. With a clear understanding of your needs, budget, business goals, and expectations we can be the tech team you need to expand and grow with ease.

JC Logic prioritizes building long-term, ethical partnerships, with businesses we trust, because we understand that by ensuring your company’s successful growth, we will grow with you.

We look forward to meeting you and being your tech team.

Joseph Cury-President At JC Logic

Joseph Cury


Joseph has acquired extensive experience and expertise in the world of IT and is known to have a gift for proposing simple, effective, and cost-efficient solutions based on specific client needs. His secret to success in the industry has been working to build long-term strategic partnerships with his clients, rather than using traditional models of client-vendor relations. With an extensive international network of business and personal contacts, Joseph works to source options for JC Logic partners, to set and achieve their business goals. (through technology, compliance, and effective strategic training.)

Furthermore, he is the Vice President of the Angelman Syndrome foundation, a respite center for children with disabilities such as Down syndrome and Angelman syndrome, living in their natural families. An avid philanthropist and a dedicated family man, if he’s got any time left, you’ll find him using it to enjoy hockey, skiing, golf and traveling.

Sagar Patel-Vice President At JC Logic

Sagar Patel

Vice President

With over 22 years of experience in the fast-paced world of Information Technology, Sagar has mastered the skills of strategy, implementation, management, and overall customer service. Always looking out for his clients, he enjoys building quality, long-term partner relationships by taking customer service to the next level. His quick-thinking solutions and hardworking ethics bring the high level of service and professionalism required to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing IT industry. In addition to fulfilling his key executive roles at JC Logic, Sagar is deeply committed to his family and has a strong yearning for world travel, inspired by a desire to see and discover other cultures and lifestyles around the world.


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