Cyber Awareness training

Despite constantly evolving cyber threats, one vulnerability persists. Whether through human error, negligence or ill-intention, people internal to an organization are the primary cause of data breaches and cyber threats.

About Our Training

As many as 60% of small and medium-sized organizations go out of business six months after being hacked. Our training services supply the tools and support to ensure your staff can prevent attacks, recognize threats, and maintain your system’s security and integrity. By educating your workforce in cybersecurity threats, you can prevent the average cost to businesses of $3.92 million in lost money and data.

Sometimes things get past technology, but if you follow the right protocols, these threats can be identified and prevented with human intervention. We will train, educate you and share the responsibility of securing your information and systems, enabling you to protect yourself, your business, and even your family from major security threats.

*If you have a business whose payroll is equivalent to or exceeding 2 million, as per the “Job Skills Act”, you are required to contribute at least 1% of your payroll towards workforce skill development, and declare the amount invested to Revenue Quebec.

What We Offer

  • Threat intelligence, threat monitoring and threat hunting
  • Web, software, and application filtering
  • Threat scoring system
  • Infected endpoint isolation
  • Attack chain visualization (IT Forensic investigations)
  • Data loss prevention
  • Attack surface controls
  • Botnet protection
  • Cloud Sandbox (Testing emails and files for malicious content/intentions)

Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber insurance safeguards your business and clients from cyber-related incidents. Our goal is to protect your revenue and reputation if your company falls victim to cyber-crimes.

Every business can fall victim to cyber-attacks, no matter the size. Therefore, Cyber Security Insurance has become a critical requirement for industry compliance, risk management, data recovery, and the protection of your reputational integrity.

What is
generally covered?
  • Cyber liability: This liability policy will cover your business for mistakes, negligence and costs incurred if you are found liable for such negligence or misconfiguring systems.
  • Cybercrime: In the event of an attack, a cyber insurance policy will cover the excessive costs related to damage repair.
Cost of Cyber Security Insurance in Montreal
  • Varies depending on annual sales and the organization’s industry
  • Expect to pay between 850-5000$ per year for full cyber security coverage
What is typically
not covered?
  • Potential future lost profits
  • Loss of value due to theft of your intellectual property
  • Betterment: the cost to improve internal technology systems, including software or security upgrades after a cyber event
Cyber Security Insurance Providers

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Stay focused on your business by trusting our certified cybersecurity team to watch your back, keeping any threats to your business safely monitored, tracked and attacked before they strike.