Cyber Security By JC Logic

Cyber Security

Our Security Standard

JC Logic provides your business with a multi-layered security architecture. Our tailored cyber security management solutions ensure we monitor and control emerging threats before they strike, giving you and your organization, peace of mind.

Physical Security By JC Logic
Physical Security
Safeguarding sensitive data requires the harmonious convergence of physical and cyber security. To cultivate a strong security landscape, it’s essential to know how to protect yourself on and offline.
Strategic Consulting By JC Logic
Strategic Consulting
Our certified security experts conduct a full evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your online systems to propose a robust security solution for your growing business.
Backups By JC Logic
What is the cost of downtime if you’re offline for an hour? A day? A week? Our team’s tailor-made solutions ensure we limit the financial burden on you and your business in case of an unexpected shutdown.
Identity and Access Management By JC Logic
Identity and Access Management
When it comes to your company’s products, processes, passwords, and policies, we make sure the sure the right people get the right tools to do their jobs.
Log Management Solutions By JC Logic
Log Management Solutions
Our in-house management solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs, no matter what those needs may be.
Vulnerability Management Process By JC Logic
Vulnerability Management Process

Our multi-vendor vulnerability scanners combine knowledge from several sources to provide the best recommendations and an overview assessment of potential threats.

Emergency Incident Response At JC Logic
Emergency Incident Response

You have an emergency? We have solutions. Whether you’re looking for damage control after an attack or wanting to better understand your options in the inevitably of data breaches, we have the right tools and the right people to help you.

Cyber Awareness Training By JC Logic
Cyber Awareness Training
Despite constantly evolving cyber threats, one vulnerability persists. Whether through human error, negligence or ill-intention, people internal to an organization are the primary cause of data breaches and cyber threats.
Endpoint Detection and Response By JC Logic
Endpoint Detection and Response
Our managed sensors continuously monitor and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, thereby protecting your systems from all known and unknown malware.

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