Technology Management

You know that managing your IT systems can be frustrating and tedious, especially if you’re a small or medium size business. You can’t live without it, but you sure could live without the stress and aggravation.

But what if there was a more cost effective way to manage IT? We call it Technology Management, you might call it on-demand IT services. Whether for support, servicing, installation, provisioning, system architecture or consulting, our Technology Management service allows you to pay for what you need as you need it. No redundant overhead, no wasted hours, no sick-days.

In-house IT resources are expensive and limited in their expertise. Whatever the need, whatever the problem, JC Logic brings the right resources to get the job done.

Technology Management Services

Hardware provisioning and support

  • PCs

  • Servers

  • Firewalls

  • Switches

  • Cabling & wiring

  • Surveillance & monitoring

  • Installation, service & training

  • On-site & off-site support

Software Provisioning and Support

  • Operating systems

  • Business applications

  • ERPs

  • CRMs

  • Data recovery

  • Spam filters

  • Installation, service & training

  • On-site & off-site support

Systems and Infrastructure Design

  • Infrastructure architecture

  • Application architecture

  • Network architecture

  • Systems management

  • Software solutions

  • Configuration & customization

  • Access management

  • Payment processing

Flexible Fee Structures

  • Banked hours
  • Pay upfront for a block of hours at a discount. Rather than limiting yourself to a specific IT mandate, you can obtain our technical and consulting services for any of your IT needs* and save some money!
  • Banked hours
    $90.00/hr for 50 hours
    $85.00/hr for 100 hours
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  • Service contract
  • Pay a monthly fee that includes a maximum of 5 hours of technical support per month for IT infrastructure, servers, security, backups etc. Hours not cumulative and standard billing rate applies at 6th & subsequent hours.
  • Service contract
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  • Pay as you go
  • Monthly billing for services used
  • Technician time
  • Technical specialists (Unix, Linux, VMware, SAN, Cisco, etc.)
  • Senior IT architect
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*Includes any troubleshooting, training given, on-site or remote help, and can cover installation requirements quoted above