The age-old telephone has moved to the internet! Gone are the days of switchboards, answering services and fixed extensions. VoIP (voice over IP) is the true freedom of communication where your PC, smartphone and email all work in sync to keep you connected.

With PC to phone integration, enhanced voicemail, call routing, global accessibility and mobile friendly features, VoIP has all the advantages of a telephone with none of the restrictive drawbacks that limit your ability to stay in touch.

Save time, save money, save headaches.
Just imagine it:
communications operating in harmony with your business needs.
It’s possible. It’s VoIP. It’s available here at JC Logic.

Is VoIP Right For You?

  1. Are you looking to avoid having more on-site technical equipment in your office space?
  2. Are you looking for a redundant solution for your disaster recovery plan?
  3. Are you looking to avoid hiring an internal technical expert to manage your communication system?
  4. Are you looking to avoid spending your resources to purchase all the necessary equipment yourself?
  5. Do you need to be available to your customers at any time?
  6. Do you want to keep all your personal contact information confidential while staying available?
  7. Is keeping your business mobile important?
  8. Do you have employees outside the office that need to stay in touch?
  9. Do you incur high long-distance costs for Canada/US calling?
  10. Do you use conference calling on a regular basis?

If you’ve answered YES to at least 6 of these questions, guess what, our hosted VoIP solutions are a perfect match for your business needs!

Our VoIP Packages

  • Small Business Package Extension/Month
  • $30.00
  • 1 to 5 VoIP phones
  • Premium features
  • Unlimited US/Canada calling
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  • Medium Business Package Extension/Month
  • $25.00
  • 6 VoIP phones or more
  • Premium features
  • Unlimited US/Canada calling
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  • Enterprise Business Package
  • On Request
  • Customize your package
  • Outfit your office
  • Premium features
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Premium VoIP Features

Why Choose Our VoIP Service?

  • 99.99% reliability

  • HD call quality

  • Guaranteed resilience and redundancy

  • Hosted PBX eliminates your CapEx

  • Reduces OpEx with flat-rate fee

  • Limits risk of obsolescence

  • Allows full scalability of users and features

  • Allows full collaboration and mobility

  • Immediately operational

  • No need for on-site expertise

  • Integrates with existing CRM & ERP systems

  • Simplifies communication system management